Model Code of Conduct

These guidelines are in place to ensure the quality and integrity of our site and its performers. Please read them carefully. Violation of any of these guidelines can result in suspension or permanent closure of your account with ddsplayhouse.

1. No sex trafficking

it is illegal and strictly prohibited for you to engage in, participate in, assist, support, or facilitate any act of prostitution, sex trafficking children, or sex trafficking by force, fraud or coercion. Accounts found to be involved in any of these activities will be terminated.

2. Performers/Studios accounts

Your account with ddsplayhouse may only include performers who properly registered and who are approved by ddsplayhouse to appear on your account. Accounts with performers who have not properly registered with ddsplayhouse or have not submitted all required and proper documentation will be closed permanently. If you are no longer using your account, your account must be closed. Inactive accounts will be closed after a specific amount of time and cannot be recovered.

3. Age documents must be submitted for all performers

By appearing live, you are verifying that you have reached the age of 18 (19 n Canada) and have submitted all proper documentation and age verification forms to perform on the website. Only individuals who have submitted proper documentation and have been approved to perform may appear on cam.

4. No below the waist nudity in free chat

In order to prevent minors’ exposure to below the wait nudity and adult material, no below the wait nudity is allowed in “free chat”. Below the waist nudity is only allowed in age-verified areas. Which are also known as “private” or “paid” chat.

5. No violation of laws re obscenity or minors

Performer shall not violate any local community standard of “obscenity” during any performance related to this agreement, including but not limited to performer shall not depict or describe any act of sexual nature involving bestiality, necrophilia, coprophilia, urine, feces, vomit, blood, or others. Additionally, during any performance related to this Agreement, Performer shall not depict or describe any minor activity or act of sexual nature involving persons under the age of 18 tear (including but not limited to sec of any kind, simulated sex, sexual conduct, masturbation, bondage, domination, sadomasochism, or others).

6. No animals or firearms on cam

While giving any performance, Performer is prohibited from having any animal appear on cam and from having any firearm or gun of any type appear on cam.

7. No fraudulent activity

While giving any performance of taking any other action related to this Agreement, Performer shall not engage in any type of fraudulent activity. Fraudulent activity is defined as any activity on the site that results in complaints or chargebacks, or is deemed inappropriate by ddsplayhouse’s representatives. ddsplayhouse reserves the right to terminate any account at any time for any reason if fraud is suspected and to not make any related payments.

8. Image approval

Images submitted to ddsplayhouse for Performer’s bio must be approved by ddsplayhouse. Images graphic in nature or containing “below the wait nudity” will not be approved. ddsplayhouse reserves the right to approve or reject any image submitted.

9. Model harassment

ddsplayhouse does not condone model to model harassment. If you are found to be harassing, bothering, teasing, distracting and/or mocking other models (either as a model or a member), your account may be suspended or terminated. ddsplayhouse supports all models and wants everyone to succeed. We expect all models to behave maturely and support each other.

10. Account termination

If you are no longer using your account, the account must be closed, Inactive accounts will be archived after a specific amount of time and cannot be recovered.

11. Rule amendments

We reserve the right to add to or amend any rule/guideline as it becomes necessary. Signing up as a model means you have read and understand these guidelines and rules.